Rob Sheffield founded Artistic Cremation Urns in 2012 using his passion for wood turning to create unique hand turned wooden cremation urns for humans and pet ashes. Beautifully crafted, these American made works of art can be proudly displayed in your home to serve as the perfect memorial for your loved one. 


The Cremation Choice

Choosing cremation as an alternative to the traditional funeral process is becoming more common throughout America. There are many reasons that contribute to this trend, but the most common is the reduced cost. Today, many families are located throughout the United States and placing a loved one in a local cemetery may not be as practical as it has been in the past. With cremation, there is no reason to purchase a casket, burial plot, or headstone, making funeral arrangements significantly less stressful. When families choose not to keep the ashes at home, a columbarium niche or memorial bench may be used to hold the cremation urn. 


Our Urns

 Created from wood, our urns can serve as an environmentally friendly, biodegradable burial option. This choice provides families a way to care for their loved ones with minimal environmental impact. The natural properties of wood are capable of decomposing back into the elements, completing the normal circle of life.

Many of our urns use the exclusive seal and open lid design. Rotate the finial clockwise to seal and counter clockwise to open. This unique design makes it easy to scatter some or all the ashes at a later date, and add or remove memorial objects inside the wooden cremation urn.