Segmented Turned Urns


The Process

Segmented WoodTurning is constructed from carefully cut pieces of wood that are glued into rings. The woodturner is able to manipulate the pieces of wood to produce a mosaic of contrasting color and limitless form bound only by the artist’s creativity.

The first step is to create a design that will provide the necessary dimensions for each piece of wood that comprise the ring. Initially segmented woodturners created their designs using graph paper. Today segmented woodturning software is used to provide the necessary dimensions required for each individual piece of wood as well as a visual rendering of the project. This craft is well suited for an experienced woodturner who has many different types of woodworking equipment.

The created design determines the number of rings, the number of segments included within each ring, and the choice of wood species and their placement within the design. The individual pieces of each ring are glued together to form the completed ring. The rings are flattened using a drum sander and then stacked and glued in sequence. The segmented form is then shaped, sanded, and finished on the wood lathe.